Soup of the week! (1L)

Soup of the week! (1L)

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Soup of the week! Changes weekly - always vegan, always organic, always nut-free, always hearty & delish.

Week of jun 23-29

Tuscan white bean & greens
Super hearty yet brothy and summery stew with meaty white beans and local collard greens. Roasted tomatoes and herbs take you to Tuscany. This is a perfect al fresco dinner with a hunk of multigrain bread.

ing: white navy beans, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, chard, collards, roasted tomatoes, veg stock, herbs, olive oil, pink salt, black pepper


*IMPORTANT - let us know in NOTES what day you'd like this delivered!

*note pic is last week's soup;)

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