Feel Good Fast 5-day bundle

Feel Good Fast 5-day bundle

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Feel Good Fast lite - for those unable to commit to 3 weeks - the meal program from Moira's e-book series "Feel Good Fast" is available prepared and delivered for 1 week! Enjoy the benefits of fresh-made healthy-as-it-gets deliciousness delivered to your door or desk!

Did you commit to going plant-based this year or for the month of January (#veganuary2020) or to start the new decade off eating a lot healthier? FGG's here to help you make that stick!

In the kitchen at FGG we get to eat the healthiest food every day. Our awesome chefs create delicious staff meals and we want to give you the opportunity to have what we're having so you too can feel the benefits of going cleaner, greener & leaner.

We're making it easy for you to keep your plant-powered resolutions this year by delivering all your food for a week - Monday-Friday breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Here's what you'll get:

Bi-weekly delivery (Monday + Wednesday) of three daily delicious and nutritious organic vegan nut-free meals including breakfast bowls, green smoothies, salads, re-heatable hot dinners, soups, treats and snacks. No shopping for groceries, no cooking or prep required, just open, (reheat), eat & enjoy!

Menu changes daily Monday-Friday for 5 weekdays in a row.

A sample day:


chai chia jar with FGG's organic sprouted buckwheat nut-free granola, spiced chia pudding and blueberries

super green fuel (FGG's famous green smoothie in a 500ml jar)


FGG's salad of the day (ever-changing, always hearty, always organic, always fresh & delish and a perfect mid-day meal)


sunbutter-stuffed dates, bliss balls or homemade kale chips


personal pan hot healthy meal chock full of veggies, grains, veg protein, delicious homemade sauces and seasonings 

At the end of a week you'll be feeling so good and well on your way to a healthy delicious 2020. At the end of 3 weeks you may not want to go back to your old ways.

Moira has been feeding people plant-powered food since 1994 when she opened Banff, Alberta's first vegetarian restaurant. She wrote "Feel Good Fast-21 days the Feel Good Guru Way, your seasonal guide to cleaner, greener, leaner living" to help people do for themselves what she's been doing for 25 years.

Moira, Rami, Erin and the team at Feel Good Guru are committed to our delicious mission of making you feel good!

*Feel Good Fast begins any MONDAY that works for you, just let us know in NOTES what date you'd like to begin! First delivery will be Monday around noon.

*This program is not about deprivation. It's designed to be filling and fulfilling for 1 person, three meals/day. We don't count calories we create well-balanced nutrient-dense plant-powered meals that make you feel good.


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