Feel Good Fast Spring Edition

Feel Good Fast Spring Edition

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21 plant-powered days to a cleaner greener leaner life. By Moira Nordholt

Are you striving for a stronger sense of well-being and need a nudge to begin? Feel a need to shift diet and mindset as the seasons change? 

This seasonal guide contains three weeks of daily menus & recipes designed to give you a reset for body and mind with a whole food plant-based diet. Recipes are easy to prepare with minimal kitchen tools and ingredients are accessible at local farmers' markets and health food stores.

Moira walks you through an easy-to-follow routine and guides you from pantry to prep through a daily plan that will help you feel in control of your energy and set new healthy habits beyond the three weeks of concentrated effort. 

"Just finished my 21-day Feel Good Fast - thank you Feel Good Guru for kickstarting my wellness! I urge anyone contemplating a lifestyle change to check out this wonderful program. I've got increased energy, clarity & an overall feeling of lightness. I was never hungry, variety of every meal meant each day was a delightful new culinary adventure for me as I'm not a vegan or a chef & surprisingly I did not crave any other foods.Thank you, Moira for providing me with the best gift ever...health!" Louise P

"I loved learning how to make a veggie pattie with leftovers and have since made variations of the hemp & rice pattie. I really enjoyed the variety as I normally stick to one or two staples in my week - so impressed by the flavors." Denise R

"Loved the veg/seed/grain and anything like that that included quinoa or rice... zucchini patties delish... soups were awesome...  also really liked the recipes that you could mix up and have handy for future use like hummus, pesto, nut cheese etc. Very tasty and useful!" Julia S

"Brutal coffee withdrawal for three days but after I got over those headaches I powered through, committed to completing all 21 days. I can't tell you how good I feel. Like a weight has (literally) been lifted." Sandy D

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