Culinary Plant Camp: How to Better Vegan

Culinary Plant Camp: How to Better Vegan

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“How to better vegan” is our 2-hour crash course of vegan tips and tricks. If you just want to sneak more vegetables into your diet or if you are looking to learn a few fun recipes to add to your weekly meals this is the class for you. Stop relying on mass-produced over-packaged highly-processed vegan substitutes and make your own healthy super-nutritious real food!

*Here is a sample layout of what the class will cover:

Salad toppings

Tofu "Feta", tempeh "bacon", kale chips (marinating, dehydrating, making things ”meaty”)


Mac n “cheese” sauce, sunflower butter sauce (how to make creamy sauces using only vegetables and quick blender sauces that take under 5 minutes to throw together) 

Desserts and Snacks

bliss balls, oat bars (simple vegan baking, making desserts healthy)

During the classes you'll be tasting and eating what we make and will receive a package that includes all recipes and class materials covered as well as treats for the road.

Tuesday March 17, 2020 5pm-7pm

*maximum 15 people book early!

Our Culinary Plant Camp is led by FGG's head chef, Rami Tarabichi.

"I have been cooking for some of the best chefs Toronto has to offer and honing my culinary skills for the last 12 years. After 5 years of being vegan and living a whole foods plant based lifestyle I have come to understand the value of simple ingredients and simple techniques. I aim to make veganism more approachable and accessible for everyone, and that is what I try to convey in the food I make."

*Feel Good Guru is located at 8 Waterloo Terrace. Our kitchen is 100% vegan and nut-free.

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